David Hoffmann recommends Top Sarajevo Day Trips!

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Although it is not a very big city, being home to about 600,000 people, Sarajevo is a lively and vibrant destination ideal for travelers who desire a more authentic European experience. Sometimes it is easy to forget that Sarajevo is a great base from which to day trip to surrounding..
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Beautiful City of Tešanj

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The old town Tešanj is located on the top of a rocky hill, next to the Tešanjka River. Flying over the Gradina in Tešanj and looking at the old fortress from a bird’s perspective is amazing. It is being assumed that Illyrians were the first to have their fort here,..
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Visit the real Gem of BiH: Una River and Bosanska Krupa!

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Bosanska Krupa is a town in northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the Una river. It is located 30 km (19 mi) northeast from Bihać (350 km away from Sarajevo). Bosanska Krupa is located on the border within the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina adjacent to the municipalities of Bužim, Cazin,..
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