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Minister of Environment and Tourism of the FBiH Edita Djapo, Minister of Trade of the FBiH Zlatan Vujanovic and Minister of Labor and Social Policy Vesko Drljaca visited Kocuse waterfalls, the pearl of Herzegovina.

As they noted, Kocuse waterfalls represent the natural wealth of Herzegovina, and their special features are sedimentary rocks, the so-called “sedra”, as well as the rich plant and animal fund.

They also emphasized that the number of visits to this pearl of Herzegovina is increasing every year, and a total of 20,000 tourists visited waterfalls this year.

The host of the visit was the Director of PI Culture and Sports Center Ljubuski Ivan Bebek, who talked with other ministers about the important role of tourism because it is one of the three fastest-growing economic sectors, which especially connects and affects sectors of trade and employment.


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