Consultancy is a core business activity of the Bahrain Bosnia Investment Company.

The main activities of the Consultancy Unit are concentrated on strategic and operational consultancy services in the fields of Real Estate, Technical, Engineering, Finance and Marketing. With the 120 years of combined expertise and experience of its three founders, the Company aims to be recognized amongst the best advisors in these fields.

The Bahrain Bosnia Investment Company’s sister company in Bahrain, Ibtikar Synergy, has an established Business Alliance Partnership with Strategic Asset Management International (SAMI), of the USA, to activate the “SAMI Performance Culture” Model.

SAMI has a wealth of experience in setting up Maintenance Systems and has served many reputable international clients. Ibtikar has wide-ranging expertise in managing the operational and maintenance activities of aluminium smelters in particular. Both companies have joined forces, and completed many operational improvement assignments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This combined knowledge and expertise enhances our clients’ capabilities and improves the reliability of their operations. SAMI’s client list includes, among many other international companies, ESSO Imperial, Exxon Mobile, Qatar Petroleum, Saudi Aramco, Sabic and Shell.

In addition to the wealth of experience we and our partners have in the industry, we also work closely with our associates, Madras Consultancy Group (MCG), which was founded in 1985 to provide management consulting and market research services.

Our Services

Our Consultancy activities cover wide spectrum of activities, including:



  1. Presentation of Bosnian real estate market
  2. Presentation of laws, taxes and procedures related to property purchase procedure
  3. Real estate brokerage (big lands, small size lands, houses, villas, resort projects)
  4. Real estate development (registering the property, checking the construction posibilities, obtaining urban permit, engaging architects, engineers, obtaining construction permit, following up the procedure etc..)


  1. Presenting Bosnian laws and regulations related to foreign investors
  2. Presenting tax system in Bosnia (general)
  3. Company registration (full)
  4. Office arrangement (lease or purchase)
  5. Employees arrangement
  6. Various types of researches for investor needs
  7. Organizing meetings with other local business partners, searching for projects of interest
  8. Introducing the investor to the local government authorities, organizing trips and meetings with local government
  9.  Offering various types of projects within Bosnia 


  1. Provision of pre-feasibility studies;
  2. Tender and pre award stage;
  3. Design stage;
  4. Construction stage;
  5. Commission and start up stage;
  6. Operation and Maintenance improvements.


  1.  All types of tourism arrangements like family trips, health&spa packages, team building programs, sport and adrenaline packages, business packages, leadership programs, honeymoon, winter ski packages, nature packages and other tourism services..