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There are some countries for which it would never occur to us that our country performs any exchange with, let alone the exchange of goods. However, this exchange is actually happening.

The first country on this list is Anguilla, from which we imported goods worth 536,549 BAM, namely fruit, peel of citrus fruits or melons worth 512,653 BAM and mineral fuels, mineral oils, and products worth 23,896 BAM.

Then comes Bangladesh, from which we imported goods worth 2,212,936 BAM, and in the first place are clothing and clothing accessories in the amount of 1,391,372 BAM, then shoes worth 357,457 BAM, and pharmaceutical products 63,214 BAM. We exported products of iron and steel worth 38,754 BAM to the British Virgin Islands and that’s the only thing we exported there in 2016, but we imported fruits, peel of citrus fruits or melons worth 127,552 BAM, as well as vegetable products, fruits and other parts of plants for 62,186 BAM.

We have an interesting situation with Burkina Faso, to which we exported products from BiH worth 5,537 BAM. In this distant country, we mostly exported finished products of textile, shoes, ceramic products, soap, products based on cereals, flour, as well as the furniture, bedding, and vegetables. We imported plastics and products from plastics worth 196 BAM from Guatemala, but we have not exported anything in this country.

Although far away, South Africa was not bad trade partner to BiH, and we exported 610,011 BAM worth goods in this country last year, mostly nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery worth 192,698 BAM, and wood and wood products, and we imported a total of 4,129 213 BAM worth goods, most of them ceramic products which accounted for 2,460,524 BAM and leather products worth 1,400,339 BAM.

From Kazakhstan, we imported live trees and other plants worth 70,762 BAM and we exported goods worth 436 266 BAM, mostly toys – 289,072 BAM. We did not import anything from Cuba, but we exported electrical machines and equipment worth 41,791 BAM there. Perhaps some have not even heard of the Marshall Islands, but we imported 749,598 BAM worth goods in this country, mostly electrical machinery and equipment (501,416 BAM), as well as products of iron and steel (41,864 BAM).

We exported nuclear reactors, boilers, and machinery in Rwanda in the amount of 30,525 BAM, and total exports in this country for 11 months of 2016 amounted to 45,283 BAM, while imports were much lower and amounted to 14,759 BAM. In Suriname, one of the countries of South America, we exported goods worth 56,019 BAM, mostly furniture, bedding, mattresses, (28,795 BAM), while we imported goods worth 110,723 BAM, mostly nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery (36, 859 BAM), and aluminum and products of aluminum (28,663 BAM).

With some countries, however, we did not have any exchange, and some of them are Eritrea, American Samoa, Djibouti, Gibraltar, Nauru.


Source: Sarajevo Times

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