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Businessman and owner of the company Emirates Ltd., who owns the “Sunnyland”, announced new investment projects in BiH. He also said that there are numerous administrative barriers for investors in BiH. Because of this, it is much more difficult to invest in BiH, than in other countries, said Al-Qasimi.

“Of course, we have hotel Ferry. We entered that project, and our friends from BiH are working with us. We want to create a different kind of tourism, the so-called sports tourism. When we talk about tourism, there are three types of tourism. BiH has pleasure tourism, but it is lacking health and sports tourism,” stated Al-Qasimi and added:

“We can see a large number of sports clubs in the Gulf countries that go to Western Europe to have part of their training. There is no such infrastructure here, the sports infrastructure, a good hotel, sports grounds … If we solve the infrastructure, we want Ferry to be part of the solution to this problem. First, it will address the issue of health tourism. We want the sports tourism as well”.

Al-Qasimi is the investor who built the recreational complex “Sunnyland” at the resort Trebevic. He is a member of the family Al-Qasimi, which is ruling in two of the seven emirates. His father ruled the emirate Re’s Al-Khaima, and according to Sheikh, he was the ruler recorder by his years in power. Sheikh Mohammed was the Minister of Justice in the UAE and the president of all courts in the country.


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