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Claims that there are four pyramids in Visoko are still strong in BiH. While archaeologists and members of the academic community from all around the world are avoiding Visoko, tourists are increasingly visiting this city, as reported by Euronews.

Skeptics still consider it to be a natural phenomenon, while those who advocate the “Valley of the Pyramids” note that it also has some healing characteristics. This also contributed to the increase in the number of visitors. Most of them are coming from central Europe and the United States.

Tunnels that are located near the pyramids attract special attention, and they represent a tourist attraction since 2008.

“People are reacting positively to pyramids and tunnels. We have also seen that some of them have been cured here,” said Natasa Krsulj from the organization My Choice, which is dedicated to medical tourism in BiH.

“This is sensational, especially some energy spots. My hands were so relaxed that I almost did not feel them. The air was so clean although we were 30 meters below the surface. I definitely felt some kind of energy here,” said Katarina, one of the visitors.

Tunnel guides noted that impressions of visitors are different, but most of them find this experience exciting.

“Although scientists around the world have written about this phenomenon, and rejected the claim of the existence of a pyramid, the economic benefits for this region are more than visible,” as reported by Euronews.


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