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ap(sarajevo-airport)Turkish carrier AtlasGlobal announced the establishment of a direct line between Istanbul and Sarajevo. Ticket sales should begin within a few days, and flights in the next few months.

Sarajevo is one of the 17 new destinations introduced by this company, apart from Belgrade, Tirana, Bucharest etc.

What is particularly interesting is that this will be the first company to introduce flights from Sarajevo to Istanbul’s main Ataturk Airport, in addition to Turkish Airlines.

Moreover, the connection between Sarajevo and Istanbul is done by Pegasus Airlines as well, which is Turkey’s low-cost company that uses the airport Sabiha Gockel in Istanbul.

This means that the three Turkish companies now fight for supremacy on this lucrative route, which could lead to a possible drop in ticket prices.

Atlas Global, otherwise, was formerly known as Atlasjet, has a fleet of 23 Airbus A319, A320 and A321, and maintains flights to the Middle East and Asia.

(Source: BiznisInfo)

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