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jim_marshall_hutovo_blato4Do you know which is the most visited place in our country? Which counts millions of visitors every year?

Moorea Sandpiper, Curlew, Bar-tailed godwit, Ruff and many other species come to our country every year. They are resting in perfect expanses of unique wetland in Europe – Hutovo blato (Hutovo mud), as stated from CHwB.

BiH is one of the richest countries for its biodiversity in Europe. Hutovo blato, Bardaca and Livno field are three wetlands of international importance in our country.

Three internationally protected wetlands in BiH, which are protected by the Ramsar Convention – Livno field, Hutovo blato and Bardaca are areas that are significantly degraded due to bad practice, use, and management, non-compliance with the rule of law as well as domestic and international obligations in the last 20 years.

On the 2nd of February was marked the World Day of Wetlands.

Stop by Hutovo blato, and see why it is the most visited place in our country (and beyond). Give your contribution to the protection of natural heritage and biodiversity.


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