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Nature Park Tajan is one of the most attractive tourist locations in BiH, and it is located on the border of the municipalities of Zavidovici, Kakanj, and Zenica. Every year an increasing number of tourists is visiting the area of the park and enjoy the unspoiled nature.

Nature Park Tajan, with a maximum altitude of 1,297 meters, is rich in canyons, natural stone bridges with caves, lakes, and endemic plants and animals. The idea of realization of the project Tajan in the way it is today was born in 2003, and the project was implemented by the European Union in 2010.

Representatives of the Nature Park Tajan apply for projects every year in order to expand its offer. Given the fact that there are very few visitors during the winter, their wish is to have an ice surface for ice skating until next year.

“Tajan is under protection because of the water, and another reason is the phenomena of flora and fauna. Stone bridges with caves are unique, we have a lot of endemic plants and two new animal species that are unique in the world. The first animal species is a centipede, which is named after our scientist Jasminko Mulaomerovic and Tajan cave slater,” explained Bajraktarevic.

According to him, the Nature Park Tajan offers contents for every season due to the fact that the highest visits are recorded at Ponijeri during the winter, while Kamenica and Tajan are mostly visited during the summer.

“Last weekend, we had 90 hikers on the mountain Tajan. People come and go through the Nature Park Tajan, which has almost 200 kilometers of marked trails for hiking and biking. The accommodation facilities have been expanded so that we are hoping for the growing number of people to visit our nature park,” added Bajraktarevic.

In the caves in the Nature Park Tajan were recorded unique forms of stalagmites and stalactites in various forms that are just breathtaking.

The hosts invited all local and foreign tourists to visit the Nature Park Tajan in the spring and enjoy its beautiful edition with green forests and untouched nature and enjoy the quiet murmur of the waterfalls and songs of birds.

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