New Owner opens the famous Sarajevo Hotel Holiday soon

New Owner opens the famous Sarajevo Hotel Holiday soon

Preparations for the opening of the famous Sarajevo hotel Holiday are nearing completion and workers who are in charge of making everything ready for the oholidezpening of the hotel on Wednesday, July 20, are working at full speed.

Employees of the company Hadžić gradnja Ltd. Sarajevo are working on the façade today, as well as on the paving of the entrance, planting of decorative trees and replacement of water pumps.

The confirmed the previously published information that after the bankruptcy proceedings the hotel Holiday will become a part of Europe group, and thus join the hotels Europe, Art, Astra and Astra Garni.

During the execution of works and preparations for the opening on Wednesday, workers have not changed the ambience and overall look of the hotel a lot. Instead, they just made the existing look more beautiful. Official opening of the hotel on Wednesday is also confirmed on the web page of the hotel.

Hotel Holiday was built in 1982, prior to the opening of the 14th Winter Olympic Games. It was closed in June 2015 due to suspicions that the management of the Holiday Resort embezzled taxes in multimillion amounts.