44th Una Regatta begins: 300 Participants arrived at Strbacki buk

44th Una Regatta begins: 300 Participants arrived at Strbacki buk


With the gathering of participants in the camp in Martin Brod and an official opening and addressing speeches by the organizers, the 44th International Una Una-Regatta-eturist.ba_-300x150Regatta began last night.

Around 300 participants in the Una Regatta from BiH, countries of the region and numerous European countries departure this morning around 9 am from the picnic zone Lučica in Martin Brod towards Kulen-Vakuf. They arrived to Kulen-Vakuf around noon and after a short break they sailed towards Štrbački buk.

A rich entertainment program was prepared for the participants in Štrbački buk around 8 pm.

The most exciting part of the regatta and the sailing down the most beautiful part of the Una River is scheduled for today, and in the evening hours the participants are supposed to sail into Bihać. A concert of the legendary rock band Bijelo Dugme will be held at the stadium of the FC Jedinstvo starting from 8 pm, with free entrance for all participants in the regatta.

“Una Regatta has just one goal, and that is the promotion of tourist offer of not only the National Park Una, but also the entire Una River and all amenities that are included in the tourist visit to this part of BiH. This is the oldest event of this kind in BiH and broader, which is organized for the 44th time now,” said the Director of the National Park Una Amarildo Mulić, the traditional organizer of the regatta, prior to the beginning of the event.

As in previous years, the organizers have provided free camp, entrance to the visitors’ zone of the National Park, as well as insurance for all participants who own an accreditation. In addition to this, experienced kayakers and divers were engaged, who will be working on the safety of participants, firefighters were engaged as well, and free meals are provided for all participants during the regatta.

(Source: klix.ba/photo: eturist.ba)