Beauty of Jajce that Whole World wants to see

Beauty of Jajce that Whole World wants to see


Widely famous for its waterfall, which is among the 12 most beautiful in the world, Jajce is more and more interesting for tourists.

Pliva Waterfall originates from 50,000 years ago and it is still as beautiful and oustanding as before. It is special for being one of the few in the world which are located in the city center.

The breathtaking natural beauty, different cultural and sports events and excellent accommodation offer make Jajce one of the most visited cities in our country.

The trend of the increase in the number of tourists, which started in the last year, is continued in the current year as well.

Jajce has 28 national monuments and from the Agency for Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage and Development of Tourist Potential of Town Jajce said that they are preparing a new candidacy for UNESCO and they are optimistic about the future.

Besides jumps from the waterfalls, which represent an attraction in the world, the Theater Games of BiH are taking place every year in Jajce and visited by a large number of guests, and the Tourism and Eco Products Fair is very important as well.

Royal city is visited by tourists from all over the world. The most of them are coming from BiH and countries in the neighborhood, but they are also coming from European countries and from all around the world, and the number of tourists from the Middle East is significantly increased as well.

The accommodation offer in Jajce is also good and tourists have almost all types of accommodation offers – from private houses, motels and hotels – there is a great choice.