Bosnian Valley of Pyramids in Visoko

Bosnian Valley of Pyramids in Visoko

When he came to Visoko visoko-300x225in April 2005 to visit the local museum, Semir Osmanagić could not even imagine that this visit will change his future life and the interest of the entire world for this charming town in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

That was the first time he noticed the hill above Visoko, whose shape was were reminiscent to a pyramid. It had four equal sides which meet on the very top of the hill. Aware of the fact that Mother Nature does not create hills with four equal, triangular sides and hills with perfect orientation, but humans do, he felt a strong urge to study the area.

Ever since, his interest does not wane. Many things have changed in the past ten years. Excavations commenced in 2006 and researchers found certain blocks. Analysis showed that the blocks were made of concrete, better concrete than the one humans use today. By 2008, experts started showing growing interest in this area.

“Bosnian valley of pyramids is the largest world complex of pyramidal structures and an archaeological phenomenon that should be researched intensely.” This was one of the conclusions from international scientific conference in which 55 leading experts from 13 countries of the world participated. Today, this research is the largest global archaeological project that attracts dozens of thousands of tourists to Visoko every year.

In addition to the Bosnian Pyramid of Sun and a complex of tunnels under the valley of pyramids whose electromagnetic, ultrasound and ionized energies have healing features, the Archaeological and Tourist Park Ravne 2 was opened in this are recently. This park covers around 40.000 square meters and offers a whole series of new contents to the visitors.

“Archaeological and Tourist Park Ravne 2 is something new in Europe. This unique park is a combination of archaeological, tourist, recreational and energetic contents. We turned neglected wetlands into a beautiful natural ambience. There are yoga platforms, areas for meditation and relaxation. People feel comfortable here. When you arrange an area that has been neglected for 100 years, the soil starts breathing again and paying you back multiply. It is an area where soul gets to rest,” said Semir Osmanagić.

When entering the complex of tunnels, visitors notice that the temperature is significantly lower than on the outside. Another interesting fact is that temperature in the tunnel is always the same – twelve degrees. It is scientifically proven that concentration of negative ions, which clear the atmosphere from bacteria and viruses, is significantly higher in the tunnel than usual, which explains the beneficial effect of the tunnel on human body.

“A healing chamber is located 220 meters from the entrance to the underground tunnel labyrinth Ravne. People who have problems such as asthma, high blood pressure, elevated sugar and similar issues can solve them precisely by staying in this healing chamber. When we enter the tunnel, our body has no enemies, and our cells can work in peace and renew our body without disturbances,” Osmanagić said.

After eleven years, this project became the most active archaeological locations in the world. Every year, hundreds of volunteers from all around the world come to Visoko, together with dozens of experts. In the past seven years, 2.350 volunteers from 62 countries from six continents actively worked in this area.

Tunnels Ravne are located only several kilometers from the entrance to Visoko and the entire complex is open for public 365 days a year.