Coach Ride and stunning Nature on the Bosna Springs

Coach Ride and stunning Nature on the Bosna Springs

Bosna Springs is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a synonym for relaxation to numerous Sarajevans and picnickers. For the past several years, this picnic site has been increasingly popular among foreign tourists too, who bring material benefit to various activities on the Bosna Springs.

Asim Alić takes photos of visitors on the Bosna Springs and sells them. He says that tourists’ impressions are mostly positive, that they are satisfied with nature, the arrangement of the picnic site and the service in general. He noticed the influx of tourists from Arab countries lately.

Bajro Memić, a coach driver, says that he would not be able to work if it were not for the tourists from Arab countries, because the work would not be cost effective.

“No one will work for nothing; everyone makes some calculations. Luckily, we have them,” Bajro said.

His colleague Nihad Nefić has been working as a coach driver for two years and he noticed improvements in maintenance and overall look of the picnic site.

A group of visitors from all parts of BiH said that they like it on the Bosna Springs and that the picnic site is now on a somewhat higher level than before.

“It is nothing like it used to be ten years ago,” said the visitor Sanela Bajraktarević, commenting on the cleanliness and level of maintenance.


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