July is the Most Successful Tourist Month in Sarajevo since 1997

July is the Most Successful Tourist Month in Sarajevo since 1997


Canton Sarajevo was visited by 45,004 tourists in July this year, which is by 16.6 % more in comparison to July last year. Tourists have made 106,840 overnight stays, which is higher by 39.2 %, as announced by the Tourist Board of CS.

Foreign tourists made 90 % of total tourist arrivals. Majority of foreign tourists came from Turkey (16 %), the United Arab Emirates (11.9 %), Saudi Arabia (5.2 %), Kuwait (4.5 %) and Croatia (4.3 %).

Within the total number of overnight stays, the share of foreign tourists was 93.7 %, and 6.3 % of domestic tourists. Among foreign tourists, most nights were realized by tourists from the United Arab Emirates (18.8 %), Turkey (11.6 %), Kuwait (8.4 %), Saudi Arabia (6.9 %) and the US (4.3 %).

The average stay of tourists in July 2016 was 2.3 overnights, while the average number of overnight stays per bed was 10.4.

Expressed in days, for the longest stayed tourists from Azerbaijan (11.4), Comoros (4.9), Qatar (4.6), Kuwait and Georgia (4.5), Jordan (4.3), Ireland (3.9), Lithuania (3.9), U.A.E. (3.8), Bahrain (3.8), Denmark (3.8), Estonia (3.7) etc.

Sarajevo Canton was visited by tourists from 126 countries around the world in July 2016. The month of July was the most successful tourist month in Sarajevo Canton since 1997, with the largest number of registered tourists and overnight stays.

A total of 151 accommodation facility of all categories was registered in Sarajevo Canton, with 4,870 rooms and 10,286 beds. Utilization of accommodation facilities in terms of room occupancy was 70.8 %, or 33.5 % in terms of bed occupancy.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)