Kravice – Natural Pearl of Herzegovina

Kravice – Natural Pearl of Herzegovina

Natural pearl of Herzegovina, the Kravice waterfall, became one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations in BiH. The waterfall was created on the river Trebižat, so asKravice-furaj.ba_-300x200 a natural phenomenon it is under protection by the state as a natural rarity.

This year, Kravice waterfall breaks the records in numbers of visitors. Since the beginning of May until today, Kravice waterfall was visited by over 75.000 people.

Kravice waterfall is one of the largest and certainly one of the most impressive waterfalls in Herzegovina. This is the favorite local bathing and picnic site. Lately, this pear of Herzegovina is increasingly often visited by tourists from all parts of the world.

However, many people think that potential of this place is not used to the maximum.

Tourist Board explains that a lot has been done recently in order to make the Kravice waterfall ready for tourist visits.

“First thing that was made was the parking space for passenger vehicles, buses, then a pedestrian access track, stairway. Offer in restaurants is really good, service is improved, some things that were missing are now done, such as the public toilet, and now different events can be organized here,” said Grgo Mikulić, Director of the Tourist Board of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton.

Tourists from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Italians, and from the entire Western Balkans visit Kravice waterfalls most often.