Marking of the 23rd Anniversary of the Sarajevo War Tunnel

Marking of the 23rd Anniversary of the Sarajevo War Tunnel




The 23rd anniversary of the opening of the Facility D-B, known as the Sarajevo War Tunnel, which was the lifeline for residents of the besieged capital of BiH, was marked in Sarajevo.

The program started  at 10 am and the organizers are the Memorial Fund and the Memorial Complex D-B.

Attendees were addressed by the officials of the Memorial Complex.

Curator Dina Memić reminded of the most important moments in the making of the tunnel and its multiple importance.

“The Facility D-B was finally dug out on July 30, 1993 at 8:50 pm. At that moment, people were aware of the fact that Sarajevo just got a safe way, the exit from the siege and the break from the blockade. However, the following months showed the real importance of the tunnel.

That hole in the ground, approximately 800 meters long, 1.60 meters high and one meter wide, became the straw that enabled Sarajevo to breathe and the only communication that this city had with the outer world. Without a doubt, for this city the tunnel looked like a straw of air,” Memić said.

The importance of the tunnel is still interesting and explored to this day.

One of the most important aspects of the tunnel is supply, because already the night when it was dug out, while it was still just a hole in the ground without infrastructure that was built in later, more than four tons of military material were brought into the city. That material proved to be crucial for defense in the days that came.

Tunnel D-B is now one of the most significant cultural-historical monuments from the past war. It operates as a memorial complex and is certainly one of the most frequently visited facility of its kind in the region, with more than 100.000 visits annually.