Old Stone Bridge in Konjic

Old Stone Bridge in Konjic an Attraction for Tourists


konjic mostThe old stone bridge in Konjic was opened in 2009, after being reconstructed as the original bridge. A total of 2.408 blocks of adobe, more than ten tons of lead and nearly five tons of iron clamps were used to build the bridge and it was all connected with plaster made as in the old days, using sand, whitewash, and ground brick.

The bridge was demolished in March 1945 by the German occupier, during the withdrawal of their troops.

Works on the reconstruction of the bridge began on May 12, 2006. The old stone bridge has six arches and has been on the list of national monuments of BiH since 2003.

The opening ceremony was also attended by the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Length of the bridge is 101.8 meters and width is 5.25 meters. Total reconstruction costs amounted to about 5.300.000 BAM. This bridge is considered the point where Herzegovina meets Bosnia, and along with the Old bridge in Mostar and the Mehmed pasha Sokolović bridge in Višegrad it is one of the most beautiful works of architecture from the Ottoman period. This bridge connects two banks of the neretva River and two sides of the old town of Konjic.

The old bridge in Konjic was built in 1682, during the rule of the Sultan Mehmed IV, as the last great Ottoman facility in BiH, and it was built by Haseči Aliaga from Blagaj.

(Source: nap.ba/photo: bosna-i-hercegovina.eu)