The Old Bridge in Mostar reconstructed on This Day

The Old Bridge in Mostar reconstructed on This Day


On this day in 2004, the reconstructed Old Bridge was officially opened in Mostar.

The ceremony was organized in the presence of at least 50 delegations, five presidents of states, two prime ministers, one president of the Parliament, five foreign ministers, several members of the Royal Family and a number of representatives of international organizations.

Reconstruction of the Old Bridge, a masterpiece of oriental architecture from the 16th century, lasted, together with preparations, for almost 7 years.

The bridge was firmly standing for 427 years until it was destroyed by a shell of the HVO during the aggression on BiH, on the 9th of November 1993.

The Old Bridge has a pronounced, 4 meters wide and 30 meters long, arch that represents the highest point dominating the river Neretva, with its height of 24 meters. It has defensive towers at both ends, Hellebija on the northeast and Tara on the southwest, which together are called “Mostars” (customs officers on the bridge by which the city was named).

The bow is made of local stone “tenelija”, and its shape is the product of many irregularities that have occurred with the deformation of the intrados (the inner line of the arch). It can be described as a circle pressed on both sides. Instead of foundations, the bridge rests on limestone retainers that are turned into walls that are bearing the towers at the level of the river.

In June 2005, the Old Bridge was included in the list of UNESCO’s protected cultural monuments.