Visit Treskavica BH Mountain with many Springs

Visit Treskavica BH Mountain with many Springs


Mountaineering associatreskavica-300x225tion “Igman” from Sarajevo organized a hike on Treskavica Mountain for group of mountaineers from Sarajevo, who went in the direction of the village Turovi (850 m), over Sustavac (1,180 m) to Veliko Lake (1,550 m) and Platno Lake accompanied by a guide Senad Cosic,.

The richness of these mountains are springs, a number of lakes and streams. Most of the lakes cannot be approached by luxury vehicles, thus they are protected from human activity. Data show that there is a total of 365 springs on that mountain.

The most famous Treskavica lakes are Veliko, Crno, Bijelo, Platno and Zmijsko Lake and they represent valuable ecosystems with specific flora and fauna.

The largest and most beautiful is Veliko Lake (1,550 m) which also has trout. Its crystal clear waters and untouched nature are the right atmosphere for fishermen and hikers who come here to relax from the city crowd, noise and stress. Above the lake, the Ecological Mountaineering Association “Treskavicka jezera – Trnovo” built the mountain house, which is always open to visitors. You can sleep there as well and the capacity is about twenty beds.

It is best to visit Treskavica accompanied by an experienced guide, who will show you the magic of these mountains. It can be approached from several directions, and the most convenient access is from the village Turovi, where the path is marked. It is important to follow the path that leads to the mountain lodge Sustavac and to Veliko Lake next to the former mountain lodge “Josip Sigmund” at Kozja Luka, where it becomes more difficult and narrow. Somewhere along that stretch is located the mountain lodge “Radovan Bjelica” which belongs to the Mountaineering Ecological Sports Association “Runolist 05”.

Karst Treskavica Mountain is located in central BiH, south of Sarajevo. It belongs to the chain of Dinara Mountains. It was named after frequent small earthquakes. The highest peak of Treskavica at 2,088 meters above sea level is called Mala caba, Djokin toranj, or Paklijes.