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hotel-central-sarajevoOnly 15 years ago,  there were 24 hotels (motels, hostels and hostels) in which it was employed 89 workers, and last year the number increased to 100 hotels and 1,356 employees, reports the Federal Tax Administration.

From the Chamber of Commerce of Sarajevo Canton say that tourism has a great potential and is one of the activities to be quickly and strongly developed.

“Today’s tourism in Sarajevo Canton represents an integral part of the overall new economic structure and is looking for new and better ways for dissemination, given that the potential for development of tourism in recent years are used wisely and that revenues increase more and more every year, “highlighted the chamber of Commerce of Sarajevo Canton.

According to data, during the 1986/87 winter season, visitors have made about 500,000 overnight stays, while the number in 1998 dropped to 113,621. Registered number of overnight stays in 2010 was 385,433, and two years ago in Sarajevo were registered 692,957 overnight stays.

A representative of the Tourist Association of SC Faruk Čaluk believes that the position of the city, the mountains, proximity of the sea and other attractions, contribute to Sarajevo maintaining a position of an attractive tourist destination.

(Source: akta)

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