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sunnylandWithin amusement park Sunnyland on Trebevic Mountain was opened the first Glico ice rink in BiH that offers a unique feeling of skating with a view of the panorama of Sarajevo.

Glico is a leading manufacturer of premium artificial ice rinks in the world, and Sunnyland is inviting visitors on ice skating in the fresh air just 10 minutes away from the center of Sarajevo.

“Ice skating on synthetic ice rink Glico provides a sense of ice skating as on the real ice. This ice is used by professional athletes, and it is recommended by experts because it represents the system of connecting surfaces of synthetic ice that is unnoticeable. Glico allows you to ice skate anywhere and at any time all year long,” as stated from the Sunnyland, and they also announced hockey and curling on the ice rink, as well as special discounts for schools and clubs.

The ice rink is opened for all ages from 9 am to 10 pm, and renting of ice skates is available as well.


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