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sarajevoThe beauty of BiH is recognizable all over the world.

The respected British newspaper The Telegraph recommended our country to its readers as one of the tourist destinations they should visit.

They describe it as a beautiful European country that is surrounded by mountains and has many clean rivers and is rich in history, and they also mentioned it as part of the bloody breakup of the former Yugoslavia.

  1. The modern Bosnian state is a bit older than you think

The Telegraph wrote that BiH declared its independence back in 1992 after a referendum which was held on the 1st of March, and whose results were published two days later. Also, they described how the recognition of BiH as an independent state by the United Nations has not gone so well because they caused terrible war to happen in BiH in the period from 1992 to 1995. This reputable media writes that genocide and violations of human rights during the war left deep scars on BiH.

  1. Bosnia was on the 14th-century map as well

Once upon a time, there was the Kingdom of Bosnia, and from 1377 to 1463 it was conquered by Ottomans, and later Austro-Hungary, wrote the author of this article, adding that King Tvrtko I wore the crown from 1377 to 1391.

“He expanded Bosnia’s territory and influence, and left his mark by founding Herceg Novi,” stated the author.

  1. Herzegovina is a lot smaller than Bosnia

The author states that Herzegovina is the home of Mostar, a city where is located the Old Bridge that was built during the reign of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century. He also recalled that it has been 427 years until devastation of this symbol of Mostar, which took place on the 9th of November 1993. The author also stated that bridge was reconstructed and reopened on the 23rd of July 2004. He stated for Bosnia that it makes 80 % of the territory and that its capital city is Sarajevo.

  1. It knows its way to the seaside

In this part of the article, the author stated that the majority of people who live outside the Balkans do not know that BiH has access to the sea, and that it reflects caprice of politics and geography, but that BiH still has its seaside access. The author described the only BH city at the sea as a typical Balkan enclave with orange roofs and nice beaches, and he recommends hotels in Neum.

  1. It is home to a great European river

The author noted the strength and beauty of Neretva River, whose major part is in BiH, which runs through Croatia by its smaller part and flows into the Adriatic Sea. He also recommended a visit to Jablanica Lake and rafting on Neretva River.

  1. Sarajevo deals in modernity

Although devastated during the war, according to Telegraph, Sarajevo was rebuilt and modernized. They noted Avaz Twist Tower as an example of architectural brilliance and modern object.

  1. Sarajevo also remembers its struggles

The author also reminded that Sarajevo was besieged for about 1,425 days, which was the longest siege of a city in modern history. Also, they recommended a visit to the Tunnel of Hope.

  1. It still requires a mildly indirect journey

The Telegraph stated that the problem for the British travelers who would like to visit this country is that there is no direct flight to BiH, and they must use the services of other airlines.

  1. Several tour operators are happy to assist

The Telegraph also mentioned travel agencies from the UK which include travel plan to BiH within their programs, and they noted Regent Holiday, which offers an eight-day odyssey in BiH and includes a visit to Sarajevo and Mostar. Also, the agency Exodus offers a program of cycling through BiH and Montenegro, within which nine days are spent in Mostar and south of it, as well as the agency Explore, which offers a journey through the Balkans for 12 days and includes a visit to Sarajevo, Mostar, and Trebinje.


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