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The prestigious British newspaper Telegraph in an extensive report to tourists recommended Mostar, citing a number of reasons why they should visit this city.

“In the past years, the Balkans has become an attractive destination and fans of sun and culture mostly visit Croatia. But only a few hours from the crowded Dubrovnik is Mostar, famous for its Old Bridge. In this city with many Eastern shops, visitors can see brave dives from the bridge, which is a tradition of this area,” Telegraph journalist Radhika Sanghani wrote.

She added that during the summer Mostar is engulfed by great heat, but in slightly cooler months during autumn and winter, this city is an ideal place to rest.

Sanghani also listed a number of transport and accommodation prices, which she said were extremely favorable.

“The train ticket on the Mostar – Sarajevo route costs only four pounds, which is less than the London Underground. Even locals are delighted with scenes when they travel by train. This can definitely be compared with the beauty of Switzerland and Norway. Every year in August, during the duration of the film festival, Sarajevo becomes a top destination. The city on the Miljacka River was visited Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich,” the Telegraph reports.


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