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With the development of tourism and the increase in the number of tourists, the demand for deluxe housing is growing in BiH. More demanding guests are looking for luxury and comfort and they are ready to pay for it. There are currently 11 hotels with 5 stars in BiH, of which three are located in the RS and eight are in the FBiH.

There is only one 5 stars hotel in Banja Luka at the moment, while Trebinje has no hotels in this category and the number of tourists is constantly increasing. There are two other five-star hotels in the RS, both located in Bijeljina.

When it comes to the FBiH, there are four hotels in this category in the urban area of the city of Sarajevo, of which two are in the municipality of Ilidza. Mostar also has two 5 star hotels, and there is one located in Tuzla and one in Vlasic.

The Ministry of Trade and Tourism RS confirmed that the demand for high category hotels has increased and their number should be much higher.

“According to the current indicators of the increase of tourism in the RS, the number of this kind of hotels should be increased. This disadvantage is most visible in larger cities with the largest frequency of tourists, such as Trebinje, Banja Luka…

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism of the FBiH added that luxury capacities are always needed in order to raise the offer to a higher level.

However, in the Association of Hotels and Restaurant Operators (UHR) of BiH stated that there are enough high category hotels in this market, although, according to the statistics, these facilities are better filled than those of the lower category.

“Higher offer brings better quality and standard,“ said Amir Hadzic, the President of the Hotel Association of BiH.


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