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The Municipality of Travnik is slowly becoming an inevitable tourist destination in BiH, and tourism is one of its most important sectors of development.

“The Municipality of Travnik became an inevitable tourist destination in the last three to four years, and according to all information, when we summarize all the results, it is an attractive destination for visitors during all 365 days of the year,” said the Director of the Tourist Board of the SBC, Miroslav Matosevic, who also noted that, besides Vlasic, a rich cultural and historical heritage of this municipality has a great potential and it is a desirable destination for both domestic and foreign guests.

Matosevic also mentioned the development of a strategic document in the field of tourism, for which he expects to offer systematic solutions in order for Travnik to be included in one of five most important tourist destinations in BiH.

Talking about the role of cultural and historical heritage in the sector of tourism development, the Director of the Regional Museum of Travnik, Fatima Maslic, noted that Travnik already confirmed that it as an important tourist destination, and stated that the Regional Museum is a very important in this process.

“Travnik represents a blend of the East and the West in the urban sense, because depending on where you are, you can feel the influence of different civilizations and cultures,” she said, adding that the Regional Museum, besides taking care of cultural and historical heritage, is also working on discovering new destinations that can fit into the tourist image of Travnik.

Maslic noted that a development of a tourist map that would locate all the cultural goods in the Municipality of Travnik is currently taking place, and it would provide the organization of thematic tourist visits.

On the occasion of marking the World Day of Tourism, a meeting was held with the representatives of the Municipality of Travnik, the Tourist Board of the SBC and holders of the tourist offer, and a new promotional video of Travnik and the surrounding area was presented as well.


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