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Sarajevo unavoidable on the Tourist Map of the World

Posted on 28/02/2017 · Posted in I

After the war and the three-year siege, today, after a quarter century of independence of BiH, Sarajevo is again classified among the most desirable European destinations. After the war devastations, many people came to visit to feel the horror of the film story, but in recent years, Sarajevo offers tourists..
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AtlasGlobal announces the establishment of a Sarajevo-Istanbul direct Line

Posted on 24/02/2017 · Posted in I

Turkish carrier AtlasGlobal announced the establishment of a direct line between Istanbul and Sarajevo. Ticket sales should begin within a few days, and flights in the next few months. Sarajevo is one of the 17 new destinations introduced by this company, apart from Belgrade, Tirana, Bucharest etc. What is particularly..
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Do you know the Story of Legends from Gradacac?

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The town that is located on the slopes of Mount Majevica and Trebava on Gradasnica River, did not only become a legend but also gave birth to legends. Besides the fertile plum orchards of this area, when you think of Gradacac – the first thought that comes to your mind..
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